Artemis at Ephesus Illustration

Temple of Artemis
at Ephesus
Seven Ancient Wonders


The Temple of Artemis was first built around 800 BCE in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, located on the coast of what is now modern day Turkey. 

The temple was destroyed several times. It was rebuilt several times, always on the same site. It was rebuilt more impressively than the temple that had been destroyed before it.  

The first temple was destroyed in war around 550 BCE. After the war, the townspeople rebuilt. 

Some years later it was burnt down by a man who wanted his name to be remembered forever. (The townspeople created a law that said anyone who mentioned his name would be put to death, so his plan did not work very well, although he did successfully destroy the temple.) Coincidentally, it was burned down on the same day that Alexander the Great was born. 

The temple was under construction (again) when some years later Alexander the Great visited the town. Alexander was so impressed with this famous temple that he offered to give the town enough money to finishing building it if they would put his name on it. The town did not want to do that, but they did thank Alexander very nicely. (You would too if you were facing Alexander's army!) 

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Temple of Artemis

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