The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Illustration

Hanging Gardens
of Babylon
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


Legend saysThe Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built by King Nebuchadnezzar so that the queen, his wife, would have a lovely, private, terraced garden to enjoy.  

The gardens were rumored to be about 400 feet wide, 400 feet long, and over 80 feet high.  Some historians believe the gardens were built in a series of platforms that all together were 320 feet high. There were paths and steps and fountains and gorgeous flowers, all build to make a homesick queen feel welcomed and loved. 

It was supposedly built around 600 BCE, along the bank of the Euphrates River (south of the modern day city of Baghdad, Iraq.) 

No one knows if the gardens actually existed, or if they did, if they existed in Babylon, but the legend is a lovely one.

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